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Game Localization

"Sounded like actual storytelling". Localized. Proofread. LQA-ed.

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More than words. For the players and with the sales in mind.

Quality Localization

Your game writing excelled also in foreign languages.

There are many aspects and nuances of game localization, workflow and processes. A mix of localization elements tailored to your game and brand specific needs will make it quality-oriented and cost and time efficient.

Where are you releasing or promoting your game first? Who are the players? We can help with the market analysis or work on your data.

The core of localization is the human touch, the heart and passion that makes your game fantastic also in foreign languages.

Game localization is a vast term: from in-game translation to voice-over. What fits your game best? What and where will perform better?

There are multiple ways to check if localization is implemented correctly and if players will be happy about the quality!

The goal is success stories. And we are combining our powers to help you achieve it.

Game development is about passion. And results. Mana Translation aims to provide you exactly that. By quality, smart approach and experience we are supporting the game industry with solutions to broaden the target markets of games and enrich the relations between gamers and developers.MANA-IFESTO


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